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WEB n+1

webenemasunoThe evolution of the Web comes with three big social and technological trends:

  • Web 2.0 as collaborative space and interaction of the users through Internet. The distinction between producers and consumers of content becomes fuzzy and a new term appears: prosumer, as a combination of both.
  • The Semantic Web that provides standards for the information representation as knowledge and promotes the development of tools for organizing the Web into a big formal repository of content and services.
  • The proliferation of new Internet access devices converts its presence to ubiquitous and adds the concept of phisical and social context of the user in the applications.

Due to the junction of these three initiatives, it is necessary to promote research that allow to manage the strategy requirements of the next generation Internet users.

The goal of the project is the development of applications that allow prosumers the capability to capture, manage, search and interact with the contents and services in a easy, secure and customized way, by combining tools from Semantic Web with tools from the Social Web upon the base of the new concept of Web 3.0.

For more information please visit the web site of the project:

OEG role in Web n+1

UPM is the leader of the work package PT3, whose objective is the semantic content management. The tasks leadered by UPM are:

  • Intelligent Knowledge Extraction Systems: comprises the intelligent knowledge extraction from metadata annotated by users. With this goal in mind a tag disambiguator will be developed, this tag disambiguator will link each one of the tags provided by the users with semantic entities from DBPedia.
  • Automatic data sources integration: includes the reuse of already existing contents for the creation of new contents. Therefore, this task deals with the problem of the integration of the different available contents, that may come from heterogeneous data sources. A new component, the Semantic Integrator, is being developed with this purpose.
  • User Monitoring and Trust: This task tackles the documentation of the actions taken by the prosumers during their interaction with the Webn+1. To fulfill this task it is necessary to represent the provenance (history) of the information generated by the prosumers. In this task the model to represent this information is being developed, this model will be based on standards. Moreover, a tool to support the provenance management is being developed .


People involved are in Web n+1 project are:

Additional information

  • Start date: 04/01/2009
  • End date: 12/31/2011
  • Global budget: 6.763.552,32 €

Job opportunities

Actualmente, no hay ninguna oferta de trabajo o becas disponibleas para este proyecto. Para ofertas en otros proyectos o áreas de investigación, visite la sección ofertas de trabajo.

No obstante, puede contactar con Asunción Gómez-Pérez para comprobar si hay posibles ofertas en un futuro cercano.



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