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Asunción Gómez-Pérez wins Ada Byron award to technologist woman 2015

Asunción Gómez-Pérez has been awarded with Ada Byron award to technologist woman 2015 awarded by the Faculty of Engineering at Deusto University. The award seeks to highlight the work of professionals in the technology sector that quietly and increasingly are providing significant progress in many areas. The name of the award is a tribute to Ada Byron (Ada Lovelace), one of the most important in the history of engineering, recognized as the first computer programmer women. The aim is to give visibility to real women (often unnoticed by the media) to serve as models and encouragement for girls and young people today.

You can watch an interview made during the award gala in the following link.

The award aims to:

  • Give visibility to women within the world of technology recognizing their important work, insufficiently known in the whole society.
  • Enriching society with technology dissemination events, providing female models to the younger generation.
  • Promoting technological vocations approaching technological work the adolescents, highlighting the positive aspects, especially in female vocations.
  • Socially visible the importance of technology for economic growth and as future value to society.


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