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The morph suite of technologies (together with their corresponding algorithms), is focused on applying a range of query rewriting techniques over heterogeneous federated data sources, through the use of mappings expressed in the W3C R2RML language.

The suite is composed of the following languages:

  • morph-RDB, for accessing relational databases. Currently it provides support for relational database management systems such as mySQL, Postgres and MonetDB.
  • morph-LDP, an extension of morph-RDB that works with our Linked Data Platform implementation [2].
  • morph-GFT, for accessing Google Fusion Tables.
  • morph-streams, for accessing data streams available in Esper, GSN or SNEE, although extensible for other dynamic data sources that expose data through a REST API.
  • SPARQL-DQP, for accessing federated SPARQL endpoints.
  • kyrie, for enriching SPARQL queries by considering ontology entailments.


Created under Creative Commons License - 2015 OEG.