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Overview of the 1st Summer School on Smart Cities and Linked Open Data

The 1st Summer School on Smart Cities and Linked Open Data (LD4SC 2015) was held in an excellent conference facility belonging to the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, in the Sierra de Guadarrama Mountains about 50 km from Madrid. While the school was fully organized by the READY4SmartCities project, there was another H2020 European project (SWIMing) that sponsored the school.


There were five topic areas:

  • Linked Open Data in Smart cities
  • Linked Data generation and publication
  • Vocabularies for Linked Data
  • Open data portals
  • Linked Data exploitation

The school was designed to be an intense, focused, week-long learning experience for students (and tutors) with formal, theoretical sessions followed by hands-on practical sessions. These sessions were conducted by active researchers and gave students an opportunity to become acquainted with state of the art ideas and tools. In addition, as a means of integrating the work on the five topic areas, students had to work in groups of 3 or 4 and followed the whole process of generating and publishing Open Linked Data with some existing data set by using the methods and technologies presented in the theoretical lessons. The students presented their work on the last day of the school and two prizes were given for the 1st and 2nd best groups.

The talks by invited speakers gave additional perspectives to the tutorial material and were unanimously welcomed by all the participants at the school. All the presentations given during the summer school are publicly available online.


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