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Overview of the 1st Summer Datathon on Linguistic Linked Open Data

The 1st Summer Datathon on Linguistic Linked Data (SD-LLOD-15) took place in Cercedilla (Madrid, Spain) from 15 to 19 June 2015. It was co-organized by Jorge Gracia from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain) and John McCrae from Bielefeld University (Germany) as part of the LIDER project. Its main goal was to offer persons from the industry and academia practical knowledge in the field of linked data applied to linguistics, with the final aim of allowing attendees to migrate their own (or other’s) linguistic data and publish it as Linked Data on the Web.

This datathon was the first organized on this topic worldwide. Around sixty five professionals (including attendees, speakers and tutors) met in the event from all around the world. The datathon was an invaluable forum not only for learning but also for the exchange of experiences and ideas related to linguistic Linked Data.

During the datathon, participants worked on:

  • Generating and publishing Linguistic Linked Data from some existing data sources
  • Applying Linked Data principles and Semantic Web technologies (Ontologies, RDF, Linked Data) and into the field of language resources
  • Using the principal models used for representing Linguistic Linked Data, in particular lemon and NIF
  • Performing Multilingual Word Sense Disambiguation and Entity Linking for the Web of Data
  • Demonstrating potential benefits and applications of Linguistic Linked Data for specific use cases

All the presentations given during the datathon are available online in the datathon's web page.



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