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STARS4ALLSTARS4ALL ( aims at representing this right of “stars for all the citizens”. Our objective is to encourage citizens to care and preserve the darkness of european skies beyond 2015, the International Year of the Light.

Actions and Events
STARS4ALL will be open to everyone to stay updated, get active in initiatives and games and to create initiatives with own ideas. STARS4ALL will develop a lighting quality lable, collect ideas for more advanced lighting guidelines and support the development of sustainable lighting concepts. Quality lables will help to maximize the social and economic benefits of artificial light at night, while minimizing its negative and unintended environmental and health impacts by awarding institutions for their activities to protect natural nightscapes and the night sky.

Citizen sensing and gamification
STARS4ALL will develop and create games for citizen actions for different environments. Measure light pollution with a mobile photosensor! Your action will be fun and your data usable for science and citizen actions worldwide. Measure light pollution with a mobile photosensor. Your action will be fun and your data usable for science and citizen actions worldwide.

Collective awareness
STARS4ALL users will be able to: • Collaborate among them and take collective decisions • Generate citizen actions • Fund light pollution initiatives, using a crowdfunding platforms • Have access to data from different sources like sensors, mobiles and social networks • Collaborate tagging, curating and validating results • Have access to encapsulate results A live dashboard will be available to provide to the STARS4ALL community a set of intuitive, easy-to-use online tools, providing the users with the necessary management data, such as user statistics (e.g. number of actively participating citizens, their geographic spread, top contributors, etc.) and project progress (e.g. number of data records gathered and validated, etc.). Periodically reports will be generated, based on these data, for being used in various communication channels for the use of citizens to local administrations.

Community awareness
STARS4ALL news and events will be available by Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest or channels such as YouTube and Flickr. Join the STARS4ALL community! Wait for our press releases, launching of LPIs, games hits, broadcasting of astronomical events, public talks and much more…


People involved in the development of the project:


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