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Applied Scientist - Centre for Open Middleware (UPM, Banco Santander) - Deadline 15/09/2012 (cerrada)

To undertake research investigations in collaboration with and under the supervision of Dr Oscar Corcho, in the context of the project “Evolución de una plataforma de Widgets, mediante soporte para wiring”, which is a joint project between UPM (Ontology Engineering Group and ConWet Lab) and ISBAN, funded under the agreement between UPM and Banco Santander for the creation of the Centre for Open Middleware (COM).

The work to be done will consist in the analysis of the state of the art of languages (and their corresponding semantic extensions) for the description of Web services, widgets and mashups, and their extension for the specification of the semantics of existing widgets and mashups used by ISBAN in their products. Semantic descriptions will have to be created for existing widgets, and algorithms for data mediation will need to be developed to cover those needs.

Full information about the offer is available here.


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