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3rd Best Paper Award for OEG members at SEKE2012 conference

A paper by OEG members Filip Radulovic and Raúl García Castro, titled "Semantic Technology Recommendation Based on the Analytic Network Process"  has been awarded the 3rd Best Paper Award at the 24th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (SEKE2012), which was held from the 1st to the 3rd of July in Redwood City, California, USA.

Abstract: Semantic technologies have become widely adopted in recent years, and choosing the right technologies for the problems that users face is often a difficult task. This paper presents an application of the Analytic Network Process for the recommendation of semantic technologies, which is based on a quality model for semantic technologies. Instead of relying on expert-based comparisons of alternatives, the comparisons in our framework depend on real evaluation results. Furthermore, the recommendations in our framework derive from user quality requirements, which leads to better recommendations tailored to users' needs. This paper also presents an algorithm for pairwise comparisons, which is based on user quality requirements and evaluation results.

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