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ontogridOne of the greatest challenges faced in Grid Computing concerns the ability to explicitly share and deploy knowledge to be used for the development of innovative Grid infrastructure, and for Grid applications - the Semantic Grid. To address this challenge the OntoGrid project produced technological infrastructure for the rapid prototyping and development of knowledge-intensive distributed open services for the Semantic Grid. The results of this project were aimed at developing grid systems that optimized cross-process, cross-company and cross-industry collaboration, an achievement that OntoGrid  made  by adopting a use case-guided development and evaluation strategy based on two test case applications of differing, yet stereotypical, Grid characterization.

For a more detailed description, please, refer to the Project web (, the final report (link) and the Semantic Grid site  ( You can also read the paper of the project that appeared in Digital eStrategies.

UPM role in OntoGrid

The UPM coordinates this project. Its role in OntoGrid was focused on the provision of Grid-compliant access mechanisms to RDF(S) ontologies, with the development of WS-DAIOnt-RDF(S) (link), and on the semantic description of Grid services with the ODESGS tool (link). Besides, UPM worked with the use case partners in order to provide adequate technological support for the development of their systems.


People involved in the development of OntoGrid project were:

Publications and main results

The most important publications generated in the context of this project are:

  • S-OGSA Journal of Web Semantics.
  • WS-DAIOnt-RDF(S) en el Concurrency Practice and Experiences.
  • Satellite application en ISWC2008

The whole list of publications available can be checked in the following link.

For consulting the list of publications developed by the OEG, please visit the following link.

Most important deliverables published:

The whole list of deliverables available can be checked in the following link.

The software developed by UPM in this project is available in the following link.

And the following invited talks and tutorials were given, related to OntoGrid results (pending). They can be consulted in the following link.



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