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Detecting common scientific workflow fragments using templates and execution provenance

The evaluation for the paper "Detecting common scientific workflow fragments using templates and execution provenance" accepted in K-CAP 2013 is available on the following link. The data consists on the inputs graphs used for the experiment (based on Wings public SPARQL endpoint), the results and logs obtained by the SUBDUE algorithm and some statistics and excel summarizing the performance of the results (i.e., number of meaningful structures, independent structures, etc.).

If you want more information please have a look at the paper: Daniel Garijo, Oscar Corcho and Yolanda Gil. Detecting common scientific workflow fragments using templates and execution provenance. K-CAp 2013, Banf, Canada.


Semantic Grounding of Tags (sem4tags)

We publish the evaluations of the semantics associations produced by our approaches for the set of tags which has been extracted from flickr (follow this link).  The evaluations are in a CSV file where the fields are separated by the pipe character (|).  Each row represents an individual evaluation of a semantic association produce by an approach for a given tag in the context defined by the tagging activity. Note that each of these associations was evaluated for at least three different evaluators. Finally, we recommend reading the readme.txt file where all the attributes of an evaluation are detailed.  Please if you have any doubt about this data set please contact to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Efficient Inference-aware RDB2RDF Query Rewriting

This page provides access to the files for the paper "Efficient Inference-aware RDB2RDF Query Rewriting". These are the links:

  • FAO testcases. zip file
  • Comparison between working modes in the algorithm. zip file

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Characterising Emergent Semantics in Twitter Lists

We make available the data set collected from Twitter which was used in the experiments presented in the paper "Characterising Emergent Semantics in Twitter Lists" at 9th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2012). This data set is delivered as a mysql (version 5.5.14) dump, and contains information of lists, and of curators, subscribers and members of these lists. We also have included in the zip file a entity relationship diagram of the tables making part of the dump.

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Collaborative Ontology Editing Framework - Usability Survey

Online survey available in the following url.

Guides, setup files and results of the experiment available in the following link.

PhD Thesis available in the following link.



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