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Oscar Corcho

ocorchoFull Professor

 Office 2105 - Facultad de Informática
Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, España
 Telephone: +34 910672911
Fax: +34 913524819
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Oscar Corcho is Full Professor at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). He belongs to the Department of Artificial Intelligence at Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Informáticos, and co-leads the Ontology Engineering Group (OEG). Previously, he worked as a Marie Curie research fellow at the University of Manchester and as a research manager at iSOCO.

Academic background: BSc in Computer Science (2000) with honours –Third National Award on Computer Science conferred by the Spanish Ministry of Education–, MSc in Software Engineering (2001) and PhD in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (2004) at UPM –with UPM's PhD award–.

Awards: Juan López de Peñalver 2016 award, conferred by the Spanish Royal Society of Engineering (Real Academia de Ingeniería) to the best Spanish young researchers in the area of Engineering; Semantic Web Challenge 2015, Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe Innovation Award 2015, and Open Track. Triplification Challenge (I-SEMANTICS 2011); Best research paper award at ESWC2011; several awards for posters and demos (ICBO2015, ISWC2015, KCAP2015); honorary mention at Open Government Data Track. Triplification Challenge (I-SEMANTICS 2010)

Research areas: My research activities are focused on the Semantic Web and the Web of Linked Data, Ontological Engineering and the application of semantic technologies to different domains, such as Semantic e-Science and Open Science. In all of these areas, I combine foundational and applied research.

Research leadership: I am co-director of the Ontology Engineering Group (OEG) and coordinator of two Marie Curie actions (SemData and KOPAR) and an H2020 EU project (STARS4ALL). I have been principal investigator at UPM in several H2020 and FP7 EU projects (TheyBuyForYou, Mobile AGE, SlideWiki, CLARITY, SIMON, PasTime, 3cixty, DrInventor, PlanetData and Wf4Ever), as well as national projects (LPS-Bigger, Ciudad2020, BuscaMedia, mIO!, myBigData, UPnP-Grid). I have led two Spanish thematic networks (on Linked Data, and on Open Data and Smart Cities). I have also led several innovation-focused projects with public and private institutions: International Consortium of Investigative Journalism (ICIJ), World Health Organisation (WHO), the Spanish Ministry of Industry and Tourism, the Spanish National Geographic Institute, Madrid's transport authority (Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid - CTRM), or Zaragoza and Madrid's city councils, among others.

Publications: I have published several books. I can highlight “Ontological Engineering", which is used as a textbook in several universities worldwide, and “Data Bonanza”, as well as more than 100 papers in journals, conferences and workshops. My h-index is over 40, according to Google Scholar. I have been invited to give talks at conferences (EKAW2014, SEMANTICS2015), universities and research centers worldwide. I am editorial board member of several journals and I often participate in the programme committees of the most relevant conferences and workshops in the area, having being the chair for some of them (K-CAP, ESWC, ISWC). Furthermore, I have been co-director, since 2012, of the Summer School on Ontology Engineering and the Semantic Web (SSSW).

Student supervision: I have supervised 16 PhD thesis (at UPM and in other international universities). Some of my former PhD students have relevant research and industrial positions at international institutions.

Innovation management: I have worked for the Spanish Agency of Evaluation (ANEP) in the coordination of the evaluation of technology transfer projects. I ofter review and evaluate EU projects, and have participated in the creation of strategy roadmaps for the European Commission.

Innovation and technology transfer: I co-founded LocaliData (2013), where we apply some of our research results in open data and Linked Data. Our group often contributes to open source projects and some of our software applications are being exploited by third party companies.

Scientific awareness activities: I enjoy participating in scientific awareness activities. I can highlight the citizen-science project STARS4ALL, where citizens and scientists work together to reduce the impact of light pollution. I often participate in events with Medialab-Prado's data lab, with training and dissemination activities for journalists, teenagers, open government leads, etc.


Oscar is currently participating in the following R&D projects:

  • STARS4ALL aims at representing this right of “stars for all the citizens”. Our objective is to encourage citizens to care and preserve the darkness of european skies beyond 2015, the International Year of the Light.
  • MobileAge is a project that focuses on facilitating the use of digital public services by the elderly people, ensuring a better inclusion of them, through the development of usable mobile applications based on open data from Public Administrations.
  • CLARITY is a project of coordination and support action in which blueprints are being created, validated by a wide community of actors, for the description of the main needs, opportunities, gaps and recommendations for the adoption of a strategy of Open Electronic Government in all member states in 2030.
  • TransformingTransport is an EU-funded project the represents a strong consortium of 47 leading transport, logistics and information technology stakeholders in Europe.
  • SlideWiki is a portal for the creation and administration of open learning contents.

He has also participated in the following projects, some of which have had a large impact in the aforementioned research areas:

  • DrInventor is a project based on the vision that technologies have great potential to complement human ingenuity in science by overcoming the limitations that people suffer in the search for scientific discovery.
  • SIMON is aimed at promoting independent living and participation in society of people with reduced mobility
  • PlanetData is a network of Excellence whose aim is to establish a sustainable European community of researchers in the area of large-scale semantic data management.
  • Ciudad2020 is focused on providing technologies for smart cities.
  • myBigData creates a platform that will integrate new methods, techniques and tools to allow the ontology-based integration of heterogeneous scientific data sources.
  • Wf4Ever is focused on the preservation and efficient retrieval and reuse of digital libraries of scientific workflows.
  • SemsorGrid4Env. Semantic Sensor Grids for Rapid Application Development for Environmental Management (FP7-ICT-223913)
  • ADMIRE. Advanced Data Mining and Integration Research for Europe (FP7-215024)
  • mIO! - Tecnologías para prestar servicios en movilidad en el futuro universo inteligente.
  • BUSCAMEDIA - Hacia una semántica Adaptación de Medios Digitales multirredmultiterminal.
  • GeoBuddies. Collaborative semantic annotation on mobile devices in the Camino de Santiago (TSI2007-65677-C02-01)
  • OntoGrid. Paving the Way to Knowledgeable Grid Services and Systems (FP6-511513)
  • WS-DAIOnt-OWL. Providing a Grid-compliant access to and reasoning with OWL ontologies (MERG-CT-2007-046415)
  • RSSGRID. Reasoning Services for the Semantic Grid (FP6-2002-Mobility-5-006668)
  • HALO. Digital Aristotle. Funded by Vulcan, Inc
  • DIP. Data, Information, and Process Integration with Semantic Web Services (FP6-507483)
  • HOPS. Enabling and Intelligent Natural Language Based Hub for the Deployment of Advanced Semantically Enriched Multi-channel Mass-scale Online Public Services (IST-2002-507967)
  • Esperonto. Application Service Provision of Semantic Annotation, Aggregation, Indexing and Routing of Textual, Multimedia, and Multilingual Web Content (IST-2001-34373)
  • SWWS. Semantic Web enabled Web Services (IST-2001-37134)
  • Knowledge Web. Realizing the Semantic Web (FP6-507482)
  • ODE-PICSEL. Dynamic service discovery in WebODE (HF-2002-0013)
  • Plataforma Tecnológica para la web semántica: Ontologías, análisis de lenguaje natural y comercio electrónico (TIC-2001-2745)
  • OntoWeb. Ontology-based information exchange for knowledge management and electronic commerce (IST-2000-29243)
  • MKBEEM. Multilingual Knowledge Based European Electronic Marketplace (IST-1999-10589)

Publications and Other Results

Some of the most relevant publications are listed below:

A complete list of publications can be found here.



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